Day 3: Pamplona, 20.9 km

Today it seems everyone is injured. Though it was an easier, flat day the days before are catching up to everyone. I’m still doing OK. But many of our companions are taking an extra days rest for various ailments. And as far as cities go, Pamplona is a great one to spend a few days in.

  Today was a social day. The four of us walked together, having an easy morning meandering along the banks of a river. We stopped half way for coffee and spinach tortillas in a tiny town just over the river. 

The afternoon brought heat and city walking, which while less pleasant was in good company. People warned the cities would be overwhelming, but Pamplona isn’t too large, and came with welcome amenities for those in need of medical attention. Plus, it’s a beautiful town, full of winding alleyways and fascinating architecture. 

We spent the day exploring, eating, drinking, and socializing with our friends we’re leaving behind. But perhaps, we’ll see them, again. Our first Camino goodbyes!

  We had a “late” night, not returning to our hostel until 10pm. We’ve a longer, harder day tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes. but it feels good to get the first mini section done, finally starting to feel like we’re actually making progress!


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