Last Days in Laos


One last stomach-turning six hour trip through the mountains brought us back to Luang Prabang, a city we were not anticipating seeing again for many years. It felt good, to step foot back in a favorite city where no map was needed to navigate, it’s as close to a homecoming as we can get abroad.
Plus, we were granted a clear (well, mostly) day to visit the waterfalls we missed out on last time. It was well worth the wait, the clear weather allowed us to swim in the turquoise swimming holes and traverse the muddy terrain with mishap. That is, until it did rain. But we managed to beat it for the most part, and in the rainy season that’s about all you can hope for. At least we’re accepting rain does not assure a ruined day, it simply means you might have to wait under an overhang for a bit until it stops.

That night we finished our time in Laos with a local water buffalo stew in which the broth is steeped with wood chips. Though warned it was “different” we both found it delicious, and since we haven’t found Lao food to be all that exciting thus far we were glad our last meal was exceptional. Slightly less positive, as we left the restaurant a guy tried to pick pocket me! I never carry anything in my pockets, but it was still surprising in a country known for its safety.
That was probably the only real negative experience in Laos, a country that tops my list of favorite places in the world. From the people, to the stunning landscape to the general atmosphere I absolutely loved Laos and cannot wait to return. It has been a highlight of my few months abroad. It’s hard to believe I I my found out about it in terms of tourism less than a year ago. I was sad to leave.
But Vietnam pulled us away, and so we set off for a new country and new adventures.
Thank you Laos, you’re incredible. Until next time.

Silky smooth: photo credit Alex

Rescue bears at the waterfall


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