Lombok, the Better Bali

The deserted road wound its way north along the western coast of Lombok. It crested and fell through long lines of palm trees whose roots etched themselves under the cracked dark pavement. Occasionally, the road would twist upwards, skirting the imposing cliffs as the deep blue of the Bali sea opened up before us. Suddenly there would be a magnificent panoramic view, the sea reaching endlessly towards the horizon flanked by empty white sand beach and crumbling cliffs. The sight could be considered a hazard as its captivating and enticing nature could very easily distract those fortunate enough to see it first hand.

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Angkor Wat in One Day


Angkor Wat. It isn’t why we came to Cambodia, but it’s certainly been on my bucket list for quite some time. We opted for a one day tour, the small tour hitting the big three. While many people suggest that three days is the minimum the truth is I get templed out pretty easily, and tend to move much more quickly than your average tourist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super interested in ancient civilizations but I just can’t keep my attention focused that long. So one day is perfect. We had a wonderful day, starting the night before and including a 4am wake up for sunrise! Continue reading

Phnom Phen


I didn’t know what to expect from Phnom Phen, or Cambodia in general for that matter. I’ve admittedly had a minimal education of the area, aside from brief history class lessons, lodged deeply in the recesses of my mind and the occasional film such as The Killing Fields. I knew about The Khmer Rouge and thus imagined Cambodia in a perpetual state of recovery. In my mind I pictured the countryside, lush green and flat, with sporadic palm trees and wooden ramshackle houses showing their age. The city, I viewed as dusty and tired, monotone grey buildings filling the streets. I knew my preconceived images to be faulty, by I hadn’t expected how modern, colorful, and teeming with life Phnom Phen would be. Though a bit more dirty and malodorous than previous cities it none the less boasts a quite modern feel.

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