Plain of Jars and a New Direction


We knew when we were in Bangkok our plans moving forward would likely change. And thus far in every country we’ve either subtly or dramatically altered our plans. Laos in particular has been nothing like we expected. We had planned to bypass Vang Vieng, but we’re glad we didn’t. We were going to go to the capital city of Vientiane, but after travelers reporting it was really quite boring we opted to head instead to the Plain of Jars in eastern Laos. The plan was to then take the road to Vietnam. We knew it wood be arduous, but weren’t prepared for the complete lack of information or even conflicting information. If we weren’t on a tight schedule through Vietnam we would probably just go for it. But we want to optimize our time in Vietnam. The trade off is security at the sacrifice of some serious funds and likely a few tours/activities. It was the hardest decision we’ve made on the trip so far, and we’re still a bit sad about it. Both because we blew nearly a weeks worth of funds on the overpriced last minute tickets, but also because we felt like we were copping out. We were spending money instead of being adventurous when in all likelihood it would have been fine. We just don’t have good luck with busses, and didn’t want to risk it. And although it’s bitter sweet at least we get to go back to Luang Prabang, our favorite city in Laos and maybe get a second chance at seeing those waterfalls we missed last time!
I’m also glad we got to see site 1 of the Plain of Jars. We couldn’t see the other two sites because that would have required an absurdly overpriced tour, and we prefer to save money and do things on our own whenever we can. Plus then it’s more active than sitting in a car. But no matter, the second and third sites are supposed to pale in comparison. And however cool these jars are you only need to see so many.
A serious of pictures from the day:
What’s most interesting about this jars is that no one has any idea why they were made. There is of course speculation, but nothing for certain. My usual guess is bizarre religious thing. Or mass storage system? Either way it’s still most undeveloped tourism wise, other than the clearing of most unexploded ordinances from the war (thankfully), and it was nice to escape the tourist scene for a bit!













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