Kochi and Travel Fatigue


The plan was to go to Varkala, or Munnar. I am instead, in Kochi with no intention to leave until my Sunday morning flight to Mumbai. After three weeks of fast travel, I just need to stop. There is plenty to keep me occupied, but even a day trip feels like too much right now. I want to eat, shop, go to the beach and get a massage. And that’s about it.
I felt a bit guilty I won’t be seeing that much of southern India, because I know I won’t be back any time soon. But listening to my body, which is screaming “SLOW DOWN!” I have to trust that this is the right choice. No matter how beautiful Munnar might be, if I’m too tired to enjoy it, then there’s little point of going anyway. I’m very, very happy with this decision.
Up until this point I hadn’t realized how lucky (or something) I’ve been in India thus far. Meeting people at this current guesthouse I’ve been inundated with India travel horror stories. While most don’t lament their decision to come most are ready to leave. I know southern India to be a place people go to relax, and apparently recover, from their time elsewhere, so perhaps the is a higher portion of stressed out stories. But still, I’ve had a wonderful time, almost too wonderful. There have been, of course, obnoxious drivers, stares, hassles, heat, dirt and a fair share of fatigue. But, mostly the people are fantastic, kind, and just interested. I certainly wouldn’t want to spend several months in a row here, but there is much left to see and I really do want to come back.
It’s all relative, perhaps my time running anyway from touts in Luxor, or getting stranded roadside in Ghana has made minor annoyances seem insignificant, pair that with only slightly devious tuk tuk drivers and no direct scamming or fear of safety and India has been, to me, a fantastic country. For that, I am very thankful.
Admittedly, now that I’ve written this I’ve just completely destroyed my travel karma, I still have a week left after all!


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