Last Days in Southern India


I didn’t know it was possible to sweat this much. It was less than a kilometer from my guesthouse to the ferry terminal, and yet, I look like I had decided to sprint the entire way. If it were possible to have %150 humidity, this is probably what it would feel like. On the upside, my skin should look fantastic! Though right now it mostly looks red. Continue reading


Kochi and Travel Fatigue


The plan was to go to Varkala, or Munnar. I am instead, in Kochi with no intention to leave until my Sunday morning flight to Mumbai. After three weeks of fast travel, I just need to stop. There is plenty to keep me occupied, but even a day trip feels like too much right now. I want to eat, shop, go to the beach and get a massage. And that’s about it. Continue reading

Arrival: Kerala

Flying over Kochi, in India’s southern state of Kerala it is immediately evident, this is a vastly different place. The overbearing rust colored cities and dusty villages give way to such a vast array of greenery one might exhaust all adjectives to describe it. But one thing is clear, once stepping off the plane, it is humid, so humid you swear within seconds of disembarking that you’re already sweating. Probably, because you are. This is monsoon though, so I accept it as best I can and tell myself, at least it’s good for my skin. Continue reading