Udaipur is easily the prettiest city I’ve seen thus far. Our hotel is set on the lake overlooking the white and blue speckled city. It could almost be Greece. On our first night after a day of meandering the streets the four of us who felt like venturing out of the tourist box found ourselves weaving through alleyways in the heavy heat of an Indian summer night. We were off to Natraj, a thali restaurant where we would be the only foreigners. Despite the late hour and still oppressive heat I had been waiting for a food experience like this, and I wasn’t about to miss out. Once we sat down we learned Anthony Bourdain had been there, which while I religiously watch his show and truly enjoy his special brand of snarky narcissism, his presence tends to create hordes of tourists and deceased service. I was relieved to find this was hardly the case, the crowds were all local and the service was ridiculously quick and efficient. Not to mention delicious! Much like in Nepal it’s a set menu of several smaller dishes that are continuously refilled, resulting in an absurd level of fullness. Finally! A food experience worth writing about.

Continuing on the theme of food, today we had a cooking class. While technique is very basic it was great to see how to prepare basic Indian food, which until this point I had lacked confidence in. Most importantly, we learned how to make masala tea, which I have developed an addiction for since Nepal, and am quite pleased to have a recipe i like. what we prepared:

The other main activity was a palace visit, and to be honest my attention was quick to dissolve, after so many palaces and forts they all start to look the same, regardless of how beautiful they are. But this was the last one of the trip. We’re all starting to get a bit nostalgic about the seemingly sudden end to our trip, only two more days!

The last activity involved getting our palms read, if we so wanted. I normally don’t believe anything related to astrology. Sure, I can see myself as a Scorpio, but I can see myself in other signs too. Plus I’m really rational. But let me tell you, what he told me was bizarrely accurate. Which of course, I won’t be divulging online. But some interesting, not too personal, predictions he made include switching careers several times (but not to worry! I’ll never have to worry about money), I’ll have two girls, who will be “humble and easy to raise,” oh, I hope so! And that I will constantly be on the move, and won’t settle in one place very long (ok, that one was a given!). Not all was positive, and I’d be lying if I said some of it didn’t freak me out a little, but it was fun regardless and I’m glad I did it.

After a beautiful dinner overlooking the lake palace we’re off to bed before an absurdly early train ride to Pushkar and our last destination in the north!



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