Bagan to Chiang Mai


Our second to last night in Burma found us back on an overnight bus. This one did not breakdown. We almost wish it had. We arrived in Yangon at the too early/too late hour of 4am. When our previous bus broke down we arrived at a far more reasonable hour. After the most frightening taxi ride either of us had ever experienced we arrived at our hostel, where not surprisingly, our room would not be ready. We were allowed to sleep in the dorm though, and felt lucky to have found a bed in general. It was the beginning to our trip to Chiang Mai. Though Bagan is actually much closer to Chiang Mai we would have to back track through Bangkok given the uncertainty of land borders.

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Road to Kumasi

Kumasi Traffic Jam

Safely, we’ve arrived at our hotel in Kumasi, and fortuitously have located an internet cafe directly beneath our hotel, which occupies the fourth-floor of a shopping complex. It’s fancy, because it has a “lift.” Backstreet Boys are playing in the background. But what’s exceptional about this hotel, aside from hot water, is the close proximity to the STC bus station, which will take us early tomorrow morning (6:30am!) to Tamale, seven hours north.

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