Ten-Year High School Reunion

Best Friends Since the 90's

Best Friends Since the 90’s

Back at my childhood home my best-friend from growing up (Cyndi) and I flip through our old yearbooks. We’re trying to figure out who someone (who we deemed “pink shirt guy”) was. We didn’t remember him. Which was odd because Pullman is small. Our graduating class was 200, everyone at least knew who everyone else was. We finally found him, turns out he’s in a different class. Which, makes sense, as the organizers of the event decided it would be a “social class” of 2005 reunion. Whatever that means. But this is typical of PHS class of 2005-we, as a class, were not fans of rules or expectations. We were, collectively an odd bunch.

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Redefining the Bubble.

Vintage Palouse

Growing up in rural Eastern Washington State my best friend Cyndi and I often dreamed of more exotic lands. In high school we launched a full-scale plan to leave our sleepy town and move, together, to London. Feeling a bit stifled by the simplicity of small town Americana we, like many teenagers, were anxious to explore the greater world around us. Continue reading