T-4 Weeks: On Packing and Minimalism

Camino Gear

Camino Gear

I leave in four weeks from today! Which means I’m starting to have apprehensive feelings, so I’m placating them by hyper organizing my gear and scrutinizing my pack weight-don’t worry I’m not about to cut my toothbrush in half, which theoretically, people do. And admittedly, I’m getting sick of training. I love hiking, but because access is limited I have to hike around the city, which gets old really fast. And I don’t want to burn out hiking-wise before even starting. Luckily, the two weeks prior to departure are about tapering, so I have full muscle recovery before setting out. So only two more weeks of wandering around the city.  Continue reading


T-20 Days: I feel like I’m forgetting something…


The days until departure are dwindling. I have all my visas, medications, insurance, flights, and a hostel booked for my first two nights. I’ve even begun the daunting task of fitting my life into a 55L pack. And by most backpacking standards-that’s a big pack! And yet, I feel like there’s something of great importance I’ve forgotten.  Continue reading