India 2.0-Jaipur


Last stop: Jaipur. It was strange to arrive in this city, our last stop before flying home. The two weeks absolutely flew by, and miraculously, we didn’t have any travel mishaps, which felt like we had cheated somehow, this is India, after all. Something is going to go wrong. I contemplated this on our 5 hour train ride from Jodhpur-because you can’t come to India and not ride a train, which arrived 20 minutes late (so, on time) and mostly involved drinking a lot of chai and watching somewhat uninteresting landscape through the window. 

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New Years in Prague

Prague Castle

Prague, no longer in the sleepy winter city of Vienna, we found ourselves thrust back into high season. Evidently, during the New Year locals take trips outside the city, and I don’t blame them, during these few days the city is swamped with tourists. A variety of flags can be seen bobbing about in the crowd as tour groups play follow the leader, and we try to weave our way to a less crowded street, and not get trampled. It’s a bit of an annoyance, and detractor, but Prague is such a fabulous city, even in the crowds its hard not to love it.  Continue reading

2012: A Year in Review

Hong KongThis year I’m celebrating the end of 2012 with my family in Prague. It’s also my 30th country, which was one of my 30 before 30 goals. So it feels like an exceptionally important time and place. Partially, because it is the end of an absolutely epic year. 2012 was certainly a once in a life time kind of year, and I feel incredibly lucky for every day of it. For a visual: Travel Map. Starting graduate school was a big change, mostly because it involved moving to Europe, something I’ve wanted to do for the past decade, but hadn’t anticipated actually doing any time soon. It’s been exciting, challenging and generally nothing like what I expected. Which, generally, is what one would expect when moving to a new country. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and learned just how much I actually love living in the states, and am surprisingly excited to move home in a few years.  Continue reading