Moving and Community

View from the New Apartment

View from the New Apartment

Glass bottles clinked in my lap as we drove. It was the last run of the day, at one am, the streets of Dublin were alive with revelers and taxi cabs. We were saying goodbye to our old apartment, our home for our first year as expats in Dublin. Warm street lights cast a glow over the streets and we drove south, it had been a long day-but a good one.

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A Generation in Transition

Hurricane Ridge, WA

As I write this I’m watching a desk being put together, a room coming together, and the chaos of moving slowly dissipating. The life of two, fit snugly into a u-haul. It feels like only yesterday I moved into the most recent Pasadena apartment, but that was six months ago. And now, I’m 400 miles away. I thought I would be at least a little upset with moving, and while saying goodbye to people and places is always hard, it has become to me, disturbingly easy. Home has ceased to be a physical place, but a mental state of familiarity and comfort. Transition has become my “home.” I feel little attachment to a physical location, but rather of memories and people, and no matter where I am, there are plenty of memories and friends to be made. Continue reading