Tikal, Zip Line, and Markets


Yesterday, we visited Tikal. The most impressive Mayan ruins in Central America. It would take a couple days to see everything, since Tikal is in fact a city, so we just saw the highlights with the time we had. Rather then try to describe how incredible this place was, I’ll leave it to the pictures which will, of course never give the sheer grandeur of the site justice, but certainly can do pretty good job. Or you know, you watch Return of the Jedi, which has about a 6-second scene here.

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Barton Creek Cave


According to the Maya, these caves, which extend 5 miles from the entrance were the bridge between this world, and the underworld (Xibala) where their gods lived. Rituals were often performed here, including (as one might expect with the Maya) human sacrifices. Bones and pottery are visible at a few places throughout the cave. Continue reading