Barton Creek Cave


According to the Maya, these caves, which extend 5 miles from the entrance were the bridge between this world, and the underworld (Xibala) where their gods lived. Rituals were often performed here, including (as one might expect with the Maya) human sacrifices. Bones and pottery are visible at a few places throughout the cave. Continue reading


Waterfalls, Thai Massages, and Housekeeping Ninjas


You wouldn’t know it’s the rainy season. Today, like yesterday has been absolutely perfect. Warm, but not hot, and comfortably humid. Of course, you never feel all that clean, but give it a day and you cease to notice. Whether or not this is a good thing, I’m not sure.
We woke up around eight, probably because we went to bed at, well…nine pm. After breakfast we were able to wander around the complex. Complex is best description. Though there are actually only a handful of villas/casitas the property is large enough that the walk from your room to the concierge takes a bit of time, and more than a few stairs. They have a horse stable, garden, pool, spa, two restaurants (which is good since we’re miles from anything), and a river. This must have been some summer home for Mr. Coppola before he converted it. But what I really like is how you don’t notice it, there’s no grandiose entrance or modern, shiny decor. The entrance is off the a small dirt road with a wooden sign indicating your arrival. The road to the lodge, about a quarter of a mile is lined with coconut trees, placed at perfect intervals. Everything about the lodge blends into the environment, from the bamboo vaulted ceilings to the earth tone decor. They also make a specific effort towards conservation. It may be a villa, but our only form of temperature control is an over head fan. We need flashlights at night since its so dark and electricity is used at a minimum, granted, there’s a IPod dock…which I was certainly surprised to see, but everything else, including our semi-outdoor (though thankfully with hot water) is certainly harmonious with its environment.

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