Brussels: A City Break

Grand Palace

A day in Brussels, began as any ideal day might, with croissants and cappuccinos. After a leisurely breakfast the late morning found us meandering about the cobble stone streets of the historic center, sampling the plethora of chocolates available at any given street corner. Early afternoon, as the cold mixed with a creeping hunger we sought out sustenance and came across a simple outdoor restaurant, Noordzee Mer du Nord,  serving up some of the most delicious seafood we’ve had the pleasure to eat in our combined culinary history. We sipped sauvignon blanc under heat lamps at standing-only tables as we ate mussels, croquettes, fried haddock  and scallops. Well dressed couples with children out for a walk, girlfriends meeting for lunch, and tourists happily snapping photos would stop by and languidly make their way through their meals and glasses of wine. The whole scene played out as if plucked directly from my romanticized version of what all of Europe ought to be.  Continue reading