Climbing a Glacier in Iceland.



Let me tell you. The best way to hike a glacier, or climb an ice wall probably does not involve waking up, morning of, in the far too early hours of a new day, dry heaving. Nor, after feeling chills and nausea is it probably best to drag yourself to said glacier, strap on crampons and have a go scaling a vertical wall of ice. But thats exactly what I did. Feeling like I had a mild flu or not, I was going to do this. After all, how often is one in Iceland? In my mind, I had no other choice.  Continue reading


Iceland: In Pictures.

ICELANDWe landed in darkness. From the airport to blue lagoon we sleepily gazed out our windows, the landscape dark and unfamiliar studded with lunar rocks, even in the darkness this place is unlike any other. Stars, which we always forget in our city existence, scattered the sky as we wound through the deserted countryside. In the morning, we were greeted by the above view from our porch. From the beginning, Iceland we learned would be filled with stunning otherworldly sights.  Continue reading