Day 25: Melide, 28km

Today was a good day. Last night at the albergue I met an American couple from LA, we had dinner together and walked together today. The trail varied from woods to roadside with almost no variation in altitude. The trail is incredibly busy, and while I miss the more solitary early trail, good company made today fly by. We’re overnighting in Melide, a “city” of 7,500, known for its pulpo (octopus), despite its inland location? So we posted up at the supposedly best Pulparia, order a giant plate, with potatoes and ample wine. For desert we ordered a house-made coffee liquore, off menu. The waiter was pleased, and offered us a round on the house. We left full, and happy.

Liz and Brandon started in St. Jean only a few days before I did, and yet this is the only time our paths have crossed. We all felt as though, in this last week we had all finally dialed into the Camino. Finally felt comfortable, and now, it’s over. Though, I doubt I’ll ever do this route again, I would consider a more remote one. For once though we talked mostly of other things, not just the Camino, which is so incredibly refreshing. The fatigue of the same conversations having been reached long ago.

Because the the days blur, because the scenery can often be the same I’m struggling to find more words to describe the day. And perhaps that is good, it was so simple, passed in the purest way, walking and talking. Nothing of particular note, which, today is a good thing.

Only 53km to Santiago, and one more albergue!


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