Day 23: Barbadelo, 4 km

Since I’d already stayed in Sarria, I decided once I got off the train this evening around 6:30 I’d walk to the next town. Barbadelo, 4km away (or about a 45 min walk). It’s been several days since I’ve had a guide book, having lost it somewhere before the mountains. So I just followed the arrows. It’s so insanely well sign posted here a guidebook is definitely of questionable necessity.

Evening walking was wonderful. I was the only one on the trail, it was cool, and quite. I wandered through the forest during the golden hour of sunlight. The downside to this being a non camping trek is the need to get a bed which dictates your day. In this case I booked ahead since I was arriving late. I doubt I’ll get a chance to walk in the evening again, so I’m glad I got a glimpse of it!

Tomorrow, I’m uncertain where I’m headed, anywhere from 26-33 km. Only 108.5km to Santiago! It feels great to be back on the trail!



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