Day 19: Triacastela, 21km

Yesterday evening I sat in bed around 7:30, contemplating going out or staying in. I decided, at least, I would go out for a few minutes, to check email, to be outside. At the bar across the street was a couple I’d met yesterday. A Swede and Austrian who met on the the trail. I sat with them, had a glass of wine, and then we all decided to hike a few hundred meters up to a cross you could see from the town. From there we all watched the sunset together and planned to go all together tomorrow. This is the Camino. You think you have a plan, and then you meet people and it changes, the spontaneity is addicting. You think, everyday, what will today bring? Every time, it is something new. New people, new experiences. It’s so unique, and like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’m regular life you know more or less what will happen, but on the Camino? You never know. 

Today was short, absurdly so. But hot. And there are so many people on the trail. I knew it would get more busy as we headed towards Santiago, but I had also sort of hoped that wasn’t going to be true. Part of the problem is I’ve stopped at a main stage, but for good reason! I’m going back to León on Tuesday to meet the girls for Aoife’s birthday, then return to the trail. Then it’s a short 4 days to Santiago! But I have a feeling if it stays this busy, I’ll want to rush through the rest pretty quickly. That also means I’ve booked a flight home. May 19th, back to Dublin. Which feels ridiculously soon. But, also, I’m starting to feel ready to go home. Another week or so seems just right.

Today we mostly descended, which is probably my least favorite thing to do. But I had good company so it wasn’t so bad.  But every cafe we came to, trying to get breakfast was packed with hikers and usually only one person making drinks or food. I’m missing the solitary earlier trails! But after Sarria I’ll try to get back off the stages so hopefully it’ll be less crowded.

Coming into the town, I stayed behind while Marie (pictured above, being super Swedish), and Stefon continued. If I wasn’t going to León, I would have continued as well, but I’m feeling tired today, and in not as good of a mood. I think, due to tiredness, the heat, and the influx of people. But! I can’t have all great days. I’m very much looking forward to León though! And tomorrow is another day.


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