Day 17: Villafranca, 40km

Today was long. So excuse the shortness of this post. I’m exhausted, I nearly walked a marathon. It was not what I set out to do, but when I got to my destination 32km in, I felt good, and the town was odd. So I thought, I’ll walk to the next place to stay 2km further, and then I thought, it’s only 6km to Villafranca. And so, I went! My legs felt good until the last few kilometers, but the true test will be in the morning. Regardless, I think a short day is in order tomorrow!

  The day started out shrouded in mist, typical of the area. It was a gorgeous, if not damp, walk down the mountain through the forest. After that, it took a few hours to get through Ponferrada, the last city until Santiago. I strongly dislike cities, with concrete walking, and noise, so I took almost no pictures and hurried through.

untitled (205 of 342)

After the city it was rolling hills of vinyards again, punctuated with small villages. Each kilometer towards the end dragged and dragged. But, after a shower and a glass of wine I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, though I may regret my choices tomorrow I never imagined my body would take me that sort of distance. It was a hard day to be sure, but in a good, challenging way. Tomorrow is the push towards Galicia, the final region. My time is winding down! 185km to go!


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