Day 7: Logorño, 27.8 km

 We’ve been walking for one week! 165 km down. Today was a long day. 28km, though it seems my body is fine regardless of distance until the last ten percent. But that seems to be the norm, and we spend our last few kilometers comparing what hurts and helping each other get to the end point. Today we are all tired.

  This morning we started almost an hour later. We booked in, so we had no concerns about our accommodations. The crowd that walks slow and later is a far more relaxed group, and we enjoyed a leisurely morning. Followed by a very long afternoon.

 We stopped for second breakfast, as is now the norm since we’re all hungry most of the time as we burn about double the calories per day that we normally do. Luckily, there are often small villages with bars for coffee and food every few hours.

 The scenery is still gorgeous, though more of the same. I found myself walking in silence a lot today, not thinking about anything in particular. Though my body hurts, it’s extraordinarily peaceful on the trail, and I’m enjoying the simple routine of our everyday. 

Now we’re in Logorño, the capital of the Rioja region and have naturally, posted up at a bar with wine awaiting the restaurants to open at 8pm. Tomorrow is another long day, hopefully, our bodies can handle it! 


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