Day 5: Estella, 21.9 km

Today was interesting. We passed the first 100km mark. It rained for the first time. And we got “lost” for the first time. It wasn’t that long of a day, but it was hard, and everyone we talked too agreed. No one really knows why. Perhaps it the first week wall everyone talks about, where eventually it’s just hard for no apparent reason. But then you break through to the other side and things get easier. Here’s to hoping! But, at least there’s a sense that everyone else is right there struggling too.

First thing in the morning we tested our rain gear. It was mostly a light rain throughout the morning, thankfully. Ultimately, you want to keep your boots as dry as possible, and the contents of your bag. Besides that, if the rain doesn’t soak you, you’ll sweat anyway from the waterproof layers. I am not a fan of rain, but it wasn’t terrible. And my rain jacket held up well.

 Today, we also got lost. Sort of. On the plane over I had met a fellow Dubliner, Tom, in his seventies, he’s done this four times before. So when we saw him walking ahead we didn’t think much of following him. Except, when we ended up on the freeway. We must have missed a turn somewhere, we weren’t sure if we were lost at the time though, even though walking next to the freeway seemed odd, it does occasionally happen. But, we didn’t see any shell signs which is quite unusual. Once we regained the trail, which happened to be quite quick we caught up to Tom who didn’t seem the least bit perturbed by the incident. He laughed and said, “it seems it was a short cut!” And he was right, we shaved maybe 30 minutes off our travel time. Which given the dragging nature of the day, was quite welcomed. I was never terribly concerned of course, I have a phone with a local sim, so we’d never be actually lost. But apparently if you don’t pay attention, you might indeed miss a turn!

  Today wasn’t all bad, thankfully. The scenery, when the rain let up was excellent as usual, today was rolling green hills along a Roman road with vineyards beginning to crop up every few kilometers.

Of course, no one signs up for this thinking it won’t be a challenge. But here’s to hoping tomorrow is a bit less of a slog! 


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