Meanwhile, Back in LA.

Nearly 30 hours after we began, we arrive home. No delays, no lost baggage, and only minimal customs fan fair. Arduous, certainly, but thankfully uneventful.
This time of return is always a hazy-euphoric event. The spell of travel has not yet lifted, as we observe what was once familiar with new eyes. Routes etched deeply feel fresh, the grind of the day to day is pleasantly far from our minds. Everything is again, beautiful and interesting as if you were seeing it for the first time, with the benefit of the knowledge that this is home. These simple pleasures, of hot showers and favorite foods, the comfort of our own bed and thorough command of our surroundings make this ephemeral time almost as blissful as travel itself. The spell of course, will be broken as daily tasks must be completed, bills paid, errands run, but for now we’ll bask in the surreal haze, recount our stories and think to the future and our next adventure. And of course, eat Mexican food.


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