Last Days

We had planned to stay in Basua for an extra day at the beach, but given transportation issues, we thought heading back to Accra a day early would be a safer bet. Of course, we made it without incident.

Last night we stayed at a hotel perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, in central Accra. The view was excellent, the hotel less so. It was fine, but when the wind hit, it carried such a foul smell (think open sewage system), that we checked out early and headed back into town for a guest house. It was our first hotel “bust,” but at least they had good, cheap food. And next to it, was a woman selling palm wine (locally made), which we had been meaning to try, but hadn’t been able to find. Though it wasn’t anything special, we were glad to have checked it off our list (plus it was $1.50 for 1.5L).
Today, we’re in Osu, Accra’s nicest area and where the embassies are located. It doesn’t look remarkably different, but its clean (relative) and offers wi-fi at cafes that make real smoothies in their vita-mixes. We also intend on shopping, since we’ve bought next to nothing. We normally don’t buy many souvenirs, and Ghana doesn’t have much to offer in that regard, but we thought we would try, and at least support some non-profit women’s empowerment groups in the process. Also, in the works is a grocery store trip for our upcoming flight, exceptionally interesting “last minute” ventures.

Though, slightly more interesting, we actually ran into our Tamale friends, just wandering up the street in Osu! But what’s really strange, is that they were staying in the same hotel we just left, it’s a small hotel, it’s a wonder we didn’t run into them! We debated asking them to lunch, but she’s leaving tonight for LA, and he isn’t. From experience related to last days with a significant other, especially when you aren’t even from the same country, I thought it best not to intrude. They were certainly the type to graciously insist we wouldn’t be, but this seemed best. Though, of course, I would have loved to get to know them more. Perhaps we’ll run into her in LA!


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