The Green Turtle Lodge

It was dark, when we were shown our rooms last night, aside from the crashing of the powerful wake, the complete darkness gave little indication of our location.

This morning as we sleepily gazed out our window we realized, we were only a few meters from where the waves crept onto the sand, leaving mounds of foam as they retreated to the sea. The haze of the early morning, with only this sight, mixed with the faint, familiar smell of the sea allowed the previous day to slip into the recesses of my mind. As if overnight the sea had washed clean everything that was awful about the previous day. We had a leisurely breakfast as I finished another book and savored my french press in the chill of a day still in its infancy. The morning dragged on appreciably, with every moment of watching the ten foot wells of the powerful ocean peak and crash, each new wave slowly erasing the stress that had accumulated.
As morning dragged into early afternoon we ate lunch, excited to have vegetables reappear in our diet, even if temporarily. After, we walked along the beach for a kilometer or so before coming across a small fishing village. It seemed small at first, extending a few hundred meters before the jagged-rock peninsula perched itself over the sea. As we passed through a small overhang of sheet metal, once meant to act as a shelter, but now warn and abandoned we saw the rest of the village. It was situated around a deep inlet, with a foot bridge extending over the almost still waters, children hanging over the rail waving and smiling. Looking west, out to sea, the town appeared much like a horse-shoe with rocky hills extending to its mouth. At the most inside portions fishing boats bobbed slowly, waiting to be taken out to sea. It was surprisingly beautiful. We stayed just long enough to get pictures, then headed home.
The sea was dangerous, and apparently more so than usual, the lodge manager told us. We ought to take care if we wanted to swim. Watching the waves was startling, and walking proved more dangerous than we had anticipated. The tide would all of a sudden rush 20-30ft further than anticipated. Though we walked far from the shore line, we were soaked by the time we returned. After Alex tempted fate with a quick swim, we rinsed our salt-soaked bodies and returned for dinner.
Tonight, after a brief rain shower the sky opened up to reveal skies remarkably clear. Stars and galaxies lit up the sky, a view afforded only in total darkness. For us, living in the city, it was a rare and utterly arresting site. We dragged our beach towels as far as we dared and looked up to the sky, while waves crashed around us. I think I’d like to spend every night this way. Stars are something I truly miss in the city.


2 thoughts on “The Green Turtle Lodge

  1. SO GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! And hugs and sympathy for 3rd world transportation unreliabilities! But could you PLEASE tell your travel partner that he is risking being disowned when loving, supportive parents find that he would take unadvised risks anywhere, but especially IN AN OCEAN. What was he thinking??? Grab him by the shoulders and shake his usual good sense back into him- please! Geez.

  2. love this descriptive blog! And Alex – that made me nervous…

    Maybe that’s why I stay up later, to see the stars/moon from the sunroom! Love, Mom,

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