Today has not been great. I don’t like posting negatives, but sometimes I need an outlet. I also want to represent everything in my blog, even if it isn’t positive.

This morning, I was yet again on my own to get to work, now that James is so busy (I think I’ve seen him for 20 minutes since last Thursday). But it is my choice, unless I want to get up at 5am. I’m waiting for the bus in, nothing, an hour and a half goes by-at least I have a book. Eventually I decide to walk 30 minutes to a junction full of tros. About half way there it starts to rain. So, I flag a cab and have it take me the whole way, not feeling up for sitting in a cramped, stuffy bus next to some guy who won’t leave me alone, and insists for my number or email (Alex, where were you?).
I get to campus, and needing to exchange money I go to a bank, and wait in line. But I’m told I can’t, not without an account, and no one knows where I might be able to, or if they did, they wouldn’t tell me. I’m tired, with a headache, and its absurdly humid today.
I wandered around, not able to find anyone. After a class, I met Princess, relieved, we went to the lab to run a gel. Though to be honest, I just wanted to go home and sleep.
The transformer blows. So we run the gel without, which essentially steamed it-though we took an image anyway, not certain of the heat capacity. The result indicated that we ought to do it again (not surprising). So after finding a new transformer, we try again.
Both of us, not having had the best day could only laugh. Princess reminds me that at least I hadn’t fallen through a sidewalk crack, plunging my leg through and falling to the ground with a crowd of people around (with the bruises and cuts to prove it). Her morning was eventful as well.
Tomorrow, my last day of work, should be a bit better I imagine.


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