CCS Day 1.

We arrived safely to CCS yesterday and headed to the house, since we arrived nearly first we unpacked and headed to Barranco (near the coast), for churros and the coast (which is absolutely beautiful-see pictures!!!). There are 24 of us, it’s a HUGE group and a bit overwhelming. Everyone seems to want to do everything together and aside from a few of us have formed a gigantic group that goes everywhere together. Luckily there’s a small group of us who aren’t as into the huge group thing, and have so far got along really well.

Today, we had our first day of placement. I’m at a senior center, which to be honest scared me quite a bit at first. I’m not good with the elderly, not in the sense of kids where I can’t reason. But for some reason (that is entirely unfounded) I just feel uncomfortable. But today actually went really well! The center is one in which seniors from the area come three times a week, if they need, for free food (all are impoverished) and social interactions. I spent some time in the kitchen prepping lunch, which was of course comfortable! And because its the holidays, they were hosting celebrations which we watched with them. Tomorrow, we do home visits for those who can’t travel. I’m nervous, but everyone I’ve met has been really nice (and not at all anxiety inducing!). There is another placement at  the home for the dying and destitute…That, I don’t know if I could handle…
So far, so good!!


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