Waiting on the Next Step…

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with CCS and I feel that it is a good program to start out international travel if you have never been. But the more time I spend here and the more people I meet the more I realize that really, it is unnecessary to stay with an organization. Most people just show up and find work and/or places to work (in Africa, India, or wherever else). Maybe it’s just Africa, but the staff at CCS, though they care very much for us, are very slow at getting things done if they ever do. Complications have arose with a few of us and placement end dates, one of the girls is going to be losing money because the program director at the house messed up some forms and there doesn’t seem to be much they can do about it. At the hospital we’ve tried to explain that while following Dr. Ruga around is very interesting it is in no way helpfull (more of an internship than volunteering) and yet they don’t really listen to what we have to say. Basically, we’re all a littl frustrated with them. Overall this has been an incredible experience, its just about time for us to finish up and head on to the next thing, I cannot imagine staying and working at the hospital for another 6 weeks when there is so much more to experience and see throughout Tanzania and Africa in general. There may be an oppertunity to go with others to either Egypt or Mozambique, either would be incredible.

Today at breakfast we ran into a few girls from Sweden who have been here a month and are about to leave, when we asked them where they were going they said, “Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, who knows! But we only have another few months so we have to get going on it.” After meeting all these people traveling with little plans I can’t imagine only seeing Moshi in my time here. I feel very torn about my life in general, a strong part of me wants to be abroad for years, and when I realize how difficult that would be it’s quite disapointing. I do miss home quite a lot though, or more, I miss the people so I am excited for that. Not sure what to think or feel right now. I’m strangely content, yet torn. All I know is, right now I am ready to end my time with CCS and just experience what else Africa has to offer, hopefully it will all work out. If only I didn’t have to think about money! I just know I won’t be able to relax until it’s all worked out. The anxiety I’m currently feeling is pretty high, to the point that I’m getting sick. But, if this is the worst thing that happens while I am here, thats pretty good! no malaria yet after all…
Tomorrow we head back to Arusha to the trials (since the new group is here) and hopefully be able to sit in on an actual trial this time. Plus we get to go to shop rite! legit grocery stores make us all very happy! And the market for some last minute gift shopping while in Moshi.
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3 thoughts on “Waiting on the Next Step…

  1. >Being away from the people is the worst. I hope that you can figure out some way to make the rest of your time in Africa work the best for you. It's really horrible when there are things you see that can be easily fixed, yet they are left the way they are because of bureaucracy and what have you. Hang in there, I'm rooting for you =)

  2. >oh me oh my, traveling is addicting isn't it?yes we must need venture somewhere together, i feel it in my bones. i'm so lost here right now, not going abroad anytime soon. very odd.i am hoping fiercely for you that everything works out, fast & well. africa wants so badly to share itself with you, i can feel it!& it's great you're frustrated (ok, not really, more so it's good that you're aware of something being wrong), righteous anger leads to passion! i miss you so big & can't wait to read more. love you,cyndi

  3. >I don't mean to make it sound as if I'm suffering or anything! Actually, I'm having one of the best times in my life, I love all the different random adventures and people I would normally never meet. Just makes it harder to want to come home!and Cyndi-South America this summer?

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