The Countdown

As of today I will be leaving for Moshi in 96 days. I have had mixed feelings of anxiety about immersing myself in a culture I am completely unfamiliar with, most specifically I feel anxious about the language barrier. Though many people speak some English, the primary language is Swahili, of which I speak none (or I can say hello-jambo!). Though I will attempt to learn a few key phrases over the summer, I still anticipate the language barrier to be a major struggle for me.

BUT, I am at the same time completely excited, I feel blessed to be able to have this sort of opportunity at my age, and know it will be an incredible experience for me, and help me choose my next path in life.

Since the end of middle school I have been %100 sure that I wanted to be a doctor, lately I’ve been uncertain. Though Medicine and health are still my areas of interest and focus, the medical school path has become increasingly daunting. I know that if I chose to go that path, it is not a matter of ability, I know I possess all that is neccesary to succeed, but more an issue of desire. Am I willing to give up another 8+ years of my life to become a doctor? Other questions begin to surface, what about a family? I think I may want to be at home with my kids at first, would getting an M.D. be even worth it at that point? Is it truly my passion, or do my interests lie elsewhere?

An area of study that has become increasingly interesting to me has been nutrition. This article has been inspirational to me: Deconstructing Dinner

I am hoping that along with experiencing a new culture that I may be able to answer some of my own questions about my future, though I of course don’t expect an epifany, I do hope to remove myself a bit and attempt to gain a new perspective.


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