The Little Old Lady Over My Shoulder

Let me start by saying, I have been told I have a few eccentric quirks, of this I’m generally aware. And this may be an example. Put out to the world to think what it may.

The past few months has been this cloud of decisions looming over me. Granted, in part self-inflicted, but still there it is. Waiting. Though I know it’s irrational, I feel like the decisions I make in the next few months will completely dictate my future life. That isn’t really true of course, but certainly, it will shape it significantly. Continue reading


A Generation in Transition

Hurricane Ridge, WA

As I write this I’m watching a desk being put together, a room coming together, and the chaos of moving slowly dissipating. The life of two, fit snugly into a u-haul. It feels like only yesterday I moved into the most recent Pasadena apartment, but that was six months ago. And now, I’m 400 miles away. I thought I would be at least a little upset with moving, and while saying goodbye to people and places is always hard, it has become to me, disturbingly easy. Home has ceased to be a physical place, but a mental state of familiarity and comfort. Transition has become my “home.” I feel little attachment to a physical location, but rather of memories and people, and no matter where I am, there are plenty of memories and friends to be made. Continue reading

Quarter Life Crisis.

Someone push the pause button please?

My twenties are nearly half over, on Friday, I turn 25.

Back in college, you know forever ago, my mom told me to enjoy my twenties because they fly by. It’s a time of excitement, learning, and exceptional trial and error. She was not kidding. I couldn’t tell you where the past five years have gone.

Thinking back to everything that has happened, it seems astounding, as if through five years I’ve lived a multitude of lives. Looking back on that 20-year old I used to be, I see such a different person it’s difficult to believe we’re one in the same.

Continue reading

Opting Out.

You know the feeling. Your muscle tense, heart-rate quickens, and you’re fueled with an intense feeling of overwhelming joy. That feeling of excitement, of knowing that the path you’re about to embark on is exactly what you’re “supposed” to be doing. I don’t really believe in a cosmic force (or any intervening force for that matter). But I do believe our subconscious reveals what we truly want, and guides little decisions that ultimately shape our lives: some people are just better at listening than others. I get that way about travel. And no, not just because it’s “fun.” But because the process of uprooting and integrating myself into a complete unknown is the ultimate thrill. Every time I leave, I learn. And I’ve become addicted to the lessons I’ve learned on the road. I truly believe I’ve learned more about the world and myself in the past few years than I ever did in the 22 years prior, college included. As I travel, the world becomes smaller, those strange foreign lands aren’t so foreign anymore; people of Tanzania aren’t really all that different from Peruvians, or even, Americans.  I am constantly touched by the giving nature of so many, particularly those who have little to give, and I’m compelled to find away to pay back this world that has taught, and given me so much. Travel fills me with an all-encompassing joy that little else can rival.  Continue reading