On Planning a Wedding Abroad

My General Confusion Regarding A Veil

My general confusion regarding the workings of a veil.

We stood together, Alex and I, in a tiny two-room bridal boutique in Dublin’s City Center. Surrounded by a wash of whites, creams, and lace-all exquisite, and all extremely expensive. Though I wanted to run my hands over the intricate details soft silks, I refrained, scared to accidentally ruin one of these sublime dresses. Brides to be twirled in front of the mirror and their friends and family as they narrowed their eyes, scrutinizing the details of the dress. It was eerily silent. It wasn’t what I expected at a bridal salon. There were no bells, or squealing, just simple nods and the occasional comment. But we weren’t there to buy a dress, I had come in after seeing a headband I liked. I had no appointment, but the women of the shop graciously invited me in to look anyway.  Continue reading