Pushkar: Final Northern Stop.


I’m starting to get used to getting up before five am, that’s not to say I enjoy it, or even tolerate it, but my body is now wide awake at 6:30, making early departures (such as 4:45am) at least a bit less awful. It was good to leave early though, our train ride to Pushkar took us 6 hours. To pass the time I they’d movies preloaded onto my iPad, which as always makes me nostalgic for home, this time I craved cucumber sorbet on a hot southern california night from Carmela in Pasadena. It’s the first real homesickness I’ve felt, and I blame it directly on the movie. As long as I’m not reminded of home it’s much easier to miss it less. Continue reading




Before the morning light, a taxi drove us to the train station. A quick security check, an occurrence common to any public activity I’ve found, a few minutes wait, and we were on our way. The trains themselves are perfectly clean, and a fantastic way to watch the countryside sweep by, passing from city to city. We were afforded a fantastic sunrise over farmland dotted with occasional houses and scrubby trees, casting a sheer hay-colored light from the horizon. Any chaos from the city quickly disappears, though the occasional whiff of a particularly acidic foul smell (common amongst the developing world) wafts from the stations reminded us, we are still in India. But it is so beautiful, especially in the early day when the light is soft and the sun not yet oppressive. I’ve been looking forward to train travel, where I can lose myself in the affair of observation, the ride to Agra did not disappoint. Continue reading