Tokyo Part 2.


The next day, still waking up too early, we started off to the Tsukiji Fish Market. We’d read about the 3am visit where you can watch the Tuna auction, but it sounded logistically far too difficult (and many agreed it was hardly worth the effort). Instead, we opted for breakfast (of sashimi, of course!) followed by a more reasonable tour of the market as the vendors were winding down. It was impressive. But we also got the sense that tourists were more or less in the way. The food portion of the market though is incredible and you could spend hours wandering and eating. Continue reading


Tokyo Part 1.


Japan wasn’t a country that’s been high on our list of “must visits,” more mid-tier, but when you only have a week (in March), live in San Francisco, and don’t feel like a beach vacation your options (internationally) are fairly limited. But with Tokyo a mereĀ 10 hour flight away (and only 8 back!), the promise of delicious food, and easy travel we were sold.

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