Bicycle Touring Bagan


It may be a sweltering 42 degrees outside, a temperature hot enough I can’t quite even conceive it, but there’s really no better way to see Began than by bike. And so, after breakfast we rented a pair and set out through the sand and patched pavement towards the temples. I had imagined the temples to be a sight in which you drove from a city to view. Instead, they are littered everywhere throughout the city (or really, town). Even from the roof top of our hotel you can see small, red stucco buildings popping up all around. During the 11th and 12th century Began’s king went on something of a building frenzy, commissioning around 4000 buildings. Though not all remain today, it is none the less an incredibly impressive sight. This morning, before the heat of the day would require us to retire to the air conditioned comfort of our hotel room, we biked through Old Bagan to see the highlights. Pictures below. Continue reading


The Monkey Temple


As has been the theme since arriving, I’ve been waking up absurdly early. Regardless of what time I go to bed, I’ve yet to sleep past 7am. This morning I took advantage of my wide open morning to make the walk to the Monkey Temple. Only about 20 minutes walk, and in a direct(ish) road, I managed not to get lost. Even when the map suggested there was a road, when in laity it looked more like a staircase to someone’s house. No matter, I found it! I had been admittedly reluctant to go to something with the name monkey in it, given my past history with the devious creatures, but other travelers assured me I would be just fine.

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