Kokrobite + Tro-Ventures

Kaneshi Station

This weekend, thus far, has been punctuated by two successes.

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Closing Week 3.

I can hardly believe I’ve been here for three weeks, I expected it to go by quickly, but this seems absurd. Leaving in 2.5 weeks! While I’m looking forward to such comforts as a reliable car, internet, AC, etc, I’m in no way ready to go back. Then again, I’m never really ready to go home. If it were up to me and money wasn’t a factor I’m pretty sure I’d become a professional nomad. Going home is always hard, in part because I never feel that calm in the US, and even through all of the hectic ventures I feel more comfortable here than in LA. And it’s not just Ghana, it seems to be anywhere that isn’t “here,” traveling is very much my greatest passion.But also, I know I’ll adjust back to “life as usual”-and I hate that. I hate when I get caught up in ridiculous things that don’t matter, when months slip by, but nothing has happened.

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