Spring Break for “Adults”: Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria DunesThe best part of moving to Europe to attend grad school, surprisingly, has not been travel. Or school. Or even, living in Europe.

Instead, what has made this all worth while, and granting me some of my fondest life memories has been the result of meeting three women.

These women, who I now count as some of my closest friends, has been an unbelievable gift. I generally have a hard time making and keeping girlfriends. The ones I do have meant the world to me, and while I very much believe in quality over quantity I had generally given up on the prospect of having a strong group of girlfriends in my life. And given that I’ve moved around the world so much in the past half decade, I accept that my friends will be spread around the world. A blessing, certainly, but also a bit lonely at times.  Continue reading