Week 2, Thus Far.

After returning from our vacation, routine was relatively back to normal. For the most part. The group has become closer and has “settled down” a bit. I’m finding myself more comfortable around everyone (generally) and am enjoying everyone’s company much more. Granted, I haven’t ventured to the casino with everyone (it’s like a mini-vegas here), which a group has been doing every night this week (strange?). But overall, I’m quite happy with the changing dynamics. There is, a slightly unfortunate reason for this new and sudden bonding. Last weekend, and “incident”¬†occurred. With out going into too much detail essentially one volunteer who does not appear to be emotionally or mentally stable enough to be here (and has a rough history) claimed she was assaulted on her walk home one night. No one knows if its true or not, her reaction seemed genuine enough, the time frame doesn’t add up. By the end a few volunteers who had taken it upon themselves to take care of her had to walk away, the attention seeking, self-destructive behavior she was exhibiting was far too much for them to take on. Personally, I just hope she ¬†gets the help she needs, in whatever form that entails. Our group has of course bonded over the incident, and tighter friendships have formed for all of us.

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