Weekend Trip: Huacachina

Guest Post by: Alex
Jess and I had originally planned to stay in Miraflores on the coast in Lima for Christmas weekend since we had already taken our major trip before starting CCS, but also didn’t want to be in the house for the holidays. Once we got to CCS we learned that people were planning trips for that weekend so we decided to be social and change our coastal vacation to New Years and join the group. About half the group were thinking about going to Nazca for sand boarding on the largest sand dune in the world. After looking into it further we found out that the bus ride is 8 hours (flights are expensive so that was vetoed). Jess being Jess starting looking and found Huacachina just outside of Ica, which is about 4 hours south of Lima. Huacachina is actually known for their sand boarding on the dunes versus Nazca, which is more known for the Nazca lines. Turns out that Huacachina is an oasis town of about ~100-200 people that used to be a destination for the Lima elite around the turn of the century, but the government has recently abandoned it and it has now become known for its sand boarding and partying. The town has two streets and is centered around a lagoon and then completely surrounded by huge sand dunes. We wanted to go there for the sand boarding and relaxing, which was good because since it’s low season there wasn’t much of a party scene at all.

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