The Backwaters


There was no question whether or not I would spend time on the backwaters while in southern India, but I vacillated quite a bit about which mode of sight seeing I might use. The houseboats, while iconic and offer the option of an overnight stay are limiting in their ability to navigate the smaller canals that run deeper into the villages. They also aren’t nearly as environmentally friendly as their non-motor counter parts. So, in the end I opted for an all day covered canoe trip with lunch in a local village. I believe I made an excellent choice. Continue reading


Arrival: Kerala

Flying over Kochi, in India’s southern state of Kerala it is immediately evident, this is a vastly different place. The overbearing rust colored cities and dusty villages give way to such a vast array of greenery one might exhaust all adjectives to describe it. But one thing is clear, once stepping off the plane, it is humid, so humid you swear within seconds of disembarking that you’re already sweating. Probably, because you are. This is monsoon though, so I accept it as best I can and tell myself, at least it’s good for my skin. Continue reading