NYC Round Two


We left New York last time feeling relief, to leave the heat, the chaos the general unpleasantness of being in NYC in July (or, in general). This time, however, we had a pretty great month. A lot of this we owe to where we stayed, the Upper East Side, instead of Harlem. Which furthers our desire to not live in NYC, knowing that quality of life is directly related to where in the city we live (at least, for us). And knowing we can’t afford to be happy in the city. But, for a month, living in a good location made our time more pleasant (minus the subways, hate that necessary evil forever).¬†

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A Mini-Southern Road Trip: Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta


The one and only time either of us have been to the south was in 2011 when our flight was grounded in Atlanta due to a freak winter storm. We braved the ice and took the tram into the city to stay in a hotel. That was, until now, our only exposure. We’d always wanted to do a southern road trip through the US, but it always ranked pretty low on our list compared to other trips. So when Alex found out he’d be at Emory for the month we jumped on the opportunity to go on a mini-road trip, and tie it in with our 1-year anniversary. Of course, we have our…perceptions¬†of the south, which we knew were likely very far from accurate. So flew from Cleveland to Charleston excited for our first southern experience.

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