Eating, and other Adventures in Georgetown


Georgetown is easily one of Asia’s best food cities. As a self proclaimed foodie (not to mention professionally trained chef) I feel embarrassed I didn’t really know about it until recently. How did I not know about this place? We’ve spent four days eating our way through the city. It has been, delicious. One entire day was dedicated to following Eating Asia’s suggested tour. We’ve eaten Indian, Malay, Chinese, and more. I’ve had some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had, in and out of India. I’ve also eaten far too many noodles and cups of kopi. I regret nothing.

But rather than describe the absurdity of how great this place is for food I’ll just let the pictures show you. Georgetown, like many brilliant food destinations showcases its diversity of cuisine, history, and people. It reminds of Lima in this way, where the dishes unique to the city represent its particular cultural heritage in a very tangible way. What better way to learn about a cities history than through its food?

Aside from the food, it is a great city to wander around in between meals. The architecture is fascinating, and since it’s a UNESCO world heritage sight Georgetown has been mercifully spared from over development and destruction of heritage sights. Penang, the island on which Georgetown sits also boasts the worlds smallest National Park, complete with excellent hikes and white sand beaches. To you know, get some exercise in between your bowls of wonton mee and sticky sweet kopi.

This is prime example of what I’m going to miss about Asia. Incredibly delicious cheap food. Our most expensive “fancy” meal cost us $20 for three. Most cost closer to $5-8. It is so absurd that we can eat a complete Indian meal for less than a specialty coffee costs at home. You could pass the entire day making your way from one food destination to another while barely making a dent in your wallet. In fact, that’s exactly what you should be doing. Mixing in some historical and outdoors activities too of course.

















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