Take Off! And the Most Fun I’ve Ever had at 30,000 ft.


I’m writing this from Hong Kong airport, in one of Cathay Pacific’s business class lounges. It’s pretty…swank. But before I get to the fun bit…

This morning, at the reasonable hour of 10:15am I had to say goodbye. I tried not to cry. It didn’t go well. Although its really only a few weeks (6) until Alex meets me in Bangkok, it never the less was painful to leave. On the plane I had a brief moment where all I wanted to do was turn around and head back to Marin. I hadn’t realized just how attached I had gotten, and how much like home it felt. I all of a sudden didn’t want to be off trekking the Himalayas, but back home, heading to the Sunday farmers market. Ironically one of the reasons I travel as I do is a result of knowing we aren’t promised anything beyond now. I never want to put off living. But at the same time it also means I want to spend as much time with those I love as possible. Of course, it always takes leaving for a deeper appreciation for what I have.
I haven’t felt lonely yet. I’m used to the airport, it doesn’t feel like I’m anywhere different just yet. Even after a 15 hour plane ride…
Which brings me to my first long haul business class flight! And slightly more uplifting topics. And now, I am ruined forever. First, the security line that didn’t exist (priority!). Next, the lounge complete with fresh to order noodles and complimentary everything, nothing new quite yet….But then, there’s the seats on the plane. The fully reclining seats. The giant tv set. The free socks and eye masks, and not to mention Agnes b. toiletry bag with Murad products. Then there’s the menu, and while the food was by no means amazing it was actually good. A giant step up. Plus with all the courses it takes a good two hours to eat, which you can do whilst watching a movie. This was the first time I woke up and only having two hours left was mildly disappointed. The wine list was even decently impressive. Though I didn’t join my fellow passengers who drank quite a bit (and how they didn’t feel awful is beyond me), I was admittedly tempted by the port being poured accompanying dessert. After we landed I made my way to the next lounge. The transfer process took about 5 minutes, and I was showering in the spa facilities. Not bad.

Of course, after the next leg my luxury gets quite seriously downgraded. Read: sleeping in the airport. But I am beyond thankful for the bit of luxury I’ve been afforded thus far. It certainly helps keep the jet lag at bay. And I am, admittedly ready to get there already! But-so far so good!
On to Bangkok.






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