Five Days and Counting!

Kathmandu Weather: March 20th-23rd. Not bad.

Fittingly, it’s cold, and pouring outside. Thus making 80 degrees and sunny seem all the more attractive. While I would have loved to spend my last week state-side (until August?!) outdoors, enjoying Northern California I suppose this inconvenient weather could be a good thing; at least a bit easier to leave. Granted, after several months of 80-plus degrees I’ll probably be desperate for a cold rainy day!

And apparently, I leave in just under five days. That, is…strange. Exciting, but strange. I’m pretty sure it won’t hit me until I land in Kathmandu, on the 20th. Because I booked my flights with miles I could only get to Bangkok with Cathay Pacific, from there I get to take Air India through Delhi to Kathmandu. All in all, it ends up being somewhere near 34 hours of travel. Including a lovely 8 hour layover in the Bangkok airport, in the middle of the night. I wasn’t planning on getting a hotel for such a short layover, but we’ll see how I feel after the initial 20 hours of travel. This is easily the longest haul journey I’ve ever been on. I’m beyond thankful for my miles affording the privilege of lying down on the plane (for the first two legs anyway), but I’m certainly looking forward to getting to my guesthouse in Kathmandu-luggage and all (hopefully!).

Most of all-I’m just really curious. I’ve never been anywhere like South East Asia, or the Indian Subcontinent. I’m trying not to have any preconceived notions about how it all will be, Unless you count frequent forays into the San Gabriel Valley and Korea town in Los Angeles, which, aside from learning to negotiate non-english menu’s and store markings isn’t much of a preview. I’m not too worried about negotiating my way around, after the various kerfuffles encountered in previous travels (most notably, Ghana) I feel pretty confident I’ll be OK. I almost feel like, at this point I should be more anxious. But aside from apprehension related to being on my own (location independent) I feel ready to handle whatever is thrown at me! Hopefully, not literally, of course.


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