A Year in Review: 2011 in Photos

Happy New Year!

Perhaps it’s too obvious to say, but, well it’s true: this year has gone by far too fast. It feels like it’s only been a few months since bringing in the new year in Peru. And while this year, I’ll be spending New Years Eve in the slightly less exotic Washington State, I’m glad I get to spend it with family and old friends.

It’s been a wonderful, if not slightly strange year. It was the first year I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing any given day, week, or month. And not too surprisingly, everything worked out, despite some personal concerns regarding the sort of fly by the seat of my pants situation. And in fact, this sort of willingness to change directions at any moment has provided a multitude of opportunities I may not have been able to have, had I dug in roots and made definite plans. It may seem trivial, but for a slightly-compulsive-overplanner such as myself, it was a much needed lesson in just chilling the heck out. 

2011: the highlights.

New Years Day, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

1. Brought in the new year in Lima. My first international New Year.

santa barbara sea urchin champagne beurre blanc, brioche bread crumbs, herbs.

2. Ate the best dish ever, at Providence, Los Angeles


3. Got really into food photography.


4. Cooked, and baked, a lot.

And considered opening a bakery.

Made a business plan, learned business taxation, and in the future, hope to open one.

Soup Dumplings

5. Ate way too much Chinese, Korean, and Mexican food.

And still crave Los Angeles street tacos on a daily basis.

Hiking Mt. Baldy

6. Hiked, a lot, including several double-digit hikes and the 10,000 ft. Mt. Baldy.

Was sore, a lot.

Vowed to take it easy next time, never did.


7. Spent 5 weeks in Ghana, West Africa.

Iris: Cirque du Soleil

8. Saw Iris at the Kodak theater.

My first time seeing Cirque du Soleil.

Red Rock Canyon

9. Hiked Red Rock Canyon.

Decided I didn’t like Las Vegas.

San Francisco

10. Moved to San Francisco.

The best city in the US (in my opinion), followed closely by New York.


11. Had the meal of my life at Alinea, Chicago.


12. Visited Belize, my first time in Central America.

Tikal, Guatemala

13. Visited Guatemala

Learned the Mayans never predicted the end of the world, but the end of an era.

Can’t understand why everyone thinks otherwise.

14. Applied to Graduate School.

We’ll see what happens.

2011 was certainly a fantastic year and I’m really looking forward to 2012. I don’t make New Years resolutions, really, but I have this feeling this year is going to bring many changes. I can’t explain why, but I feel it’s going to be a year to remember; there’s an energy in the air that suggests great things are going to happen, and I can hardly wait to find out. Bring on the New Year!

Happy 2012!



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