Work Update/Revision

University of Ghana

New Plan! After discussing my placement with my family, my Dad made contact with a colleague he knows in Accra, who works in infectious disease at the University of Ghana. Originally, the plan was just to meet him, and have a contact in country (which, is always a good thing!). But, after some thought we decided it would be a great opportunity to work there. After all, my prior training and other passions lie in the health sciences, and at risk of sounded even more like a gigantic nerd…I honestly miss both the lab bench, and academia quite a bit. So I jumped at this fantastic opportunity! The details have yet to be fully worked out, but I have been approved by the department head there. So, it’s a GO! This of course, greatly changes my plans. And while I would love to volunteer my time with building sites-and maybe I can during any spare time I have? But, I couldn’t pass this up. I’ll update as I know more.


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