Volunteer Placement


I just got my volunteer placement today! I’m very excited about it:
Healthcare – Mawenzi Regional Hospital

Mission and Needs of the Partner Program
The Hospital began in the 1950’s as a public hospital situated at the center of Moshi town. The Hospital receives about 1,000-1,500 patients per day. The hospital has a bed capacity of 300 people and the in-patients range from 280-370 per day. There are 300 hospital workers, but usually 150 are on staff at a given time.

Besides daily sick care, the hospital operates clinics, training opportunities, rehabilitation, preventative health care and medical research.

The main funding agency for Mawenzi Hospital is the Tanzanian government. They also receive support from health partner organizations such as USAID, Egpaf, Axios and TMP. There is some support from local and individual donors such as members of Parliament, Tanzania Breweries Limited, and communication companies like Celtel and Vodacom.

Volunteer Activities/Duties of Observing and Assisting Local Health Care Professionals
· Check-in patients, weigh and take blood pressure.
· Work in maternity ward; weighing babies and checking on growth progress
· Observe and assist in various medical departments
· Spend time with patients, greet and make them feel comfortable.
· Help fill prescriptions for patients
· Discuss possible treatments with doctors
· Participate in cultural exchange with nurses and doctors

Africa, mimi ni tayari
(Africa, I am ready)

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