As departure approaches

As my start date gets closer I find myself more and more comfortable with the idea of being in Africa, the program manager has made everything easy and stories from previous volunteers suggests I will be just fine. Fellow volunteer that I’ve been “introduced to” via email all seem great, very diverse in terms of age, occupation, etc. But in terms of anxiety what I’ve lost in about being in Africa I have gained significantly in the prospect of leaving those I love. I’ve gone off to college many times now, leaving my family, yet all of those times I was only 6 hours away and at a place where most people were familiar. I hate leaving those I love, and that is what scares me most. Leaving both my family and boyfriend for three months of limited contact is the most frightening. I know I’ll be okay, but I still feel moments of great sadness and anxiety about it, I know this will be a good experience…I just need to keep telling myself that.


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