St. Lucia

Our Room

The Pool

We’ve arrived safely to the island! We found out the correct pronunciation is st. lu-scha (for those wondering). We landed on the south end of the island and took a car to the north end (ended up being about an hour drive). So we got to see a good portion of the island, passing through several of the local towns. We also saw fields and fields of banana trees (guessing main export) which were tagged for shippment to the UK.

So far, we’ve essentially laid on the beach and wondered around the resort.Tonight we’re going to a sunset cruise. The poeple have been incedibly nice, especially since we’ve spent a good deal of time at the conciege desk asking questions about things we should do. Here are a few pictures~First is of st. lucia, then the pool at the resort (we’re staying at the bodyholiday), the spa, and our room! All out of order, still figuring this out….more to come once we get back!


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