A Summer in Review

Golden Gate BridgeSince touching down back in the Bay Area the summer has been a flourish of activities. I head back to Dublin in a few days, and realized in the past three months I will have been onĀ 18 flights. Whew. This was certainly an incredible summer filled with lots of celebrations and time with family-the best sort of vacation! And while I’m sad to be leaving the US, I I’m pretty ready to get back to something more resembling normal. BecauseĀ so much has happened in the past several weeks the best way I can think to sum up the whirlwind is in photos. So here is the past few weeks!

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Wedding Crashing and More…

This Saturday we were invited to go to a local wedding reception, by a local friend who knew the groom. The wedding itself started around 9am, but the reception dinner around food wasn’t served until 10pm, and dancing continued far past when we left. Aside from a few gift giving ceremonies it was very close to a US wedding, and apparently very small at only around 100 people at the reception (more may have been at the service). It was of course all in swahili, but still very interesting to watch.

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