Nashville: 1 Week


A severe weather warning woke us up this morning at 3:30, which was OK since Alex had to get up for work anyway. We sleepily made coffee and watched the weather rage in the still-dark night while flash flooding threatened the entire area. We share a car, and although his commute to work is a 10-minute walk, we were afraid he’d be swept away, so at 4 am we braved the weather and drove the empty streets that had turned into a flowing river to Vanderbilt. I grew up visiting Chicago, and witnessed their legendary thunderstorms. But Nashville has that beat. In the few weeks we’ve been here the weather has oscillated between end-of-the-world and clear calm blue skies, often within  minutes of each other. It’s sort of how we feel about life right now, so it feels appropriate. Alex just completed his first week of residency, which simultaneously flew by and took an eternity. Continue reading


And Here We Are


I am so very behind in updating this blog. According to it, we’re still on the Dalmatian Coast somewhere (oh, how I wish that were true!). I will update soon on everything that’s transpired in the last several weeks since. It’s been a whirlwind. But first, as we’ve landed in Nashville and began a huge life transition I feel like it’s important to write my perceptions immediately.  Before time softens and blurs the edges.  Continue reading